Bonspiel Rules

Pertaining Specifically to this Bonspiel

This Bonspiel shall be governed by the current edition of the official “Curling Rule Book”. Free Guard Zone Rule (4 rock rule) shall be in effect.

GAME TIME RESTRICTIONS: All games will be eight ends in length.  The buzzer will sound 1 hour and 45 minutes after the posted starting time.  You may then finish the end you are playing and play one more.  Please note that the previous end is complete when the score of that end is agreed upon by both teams.

TIED GAMES: Tied games will be decided by playing “Skips Rocks”, except for the “Finals” games which will be decided by extra end(s).  The team that counted (scored) last will throw first.  Any team member may throw the “Skips Rocks”.  Each team will deliver one rock with normal sweeping rules in effect.  Teams may not sweep the other team’s rock.  The team rock finishing in the house and closest to the button will be declared the game winner.  If neither rock finishes in the house, the end must be repeated with rocks delivered in the same order as previous attempts.

FINAL GAME ONLY: Eight ends will apply with extra ends for ties.  If one team is unable to commence play at the designated time, they will be assessed a penalty of one point and one end will be considered played, for every ten minutes the start of the game is delayed.  After thirty minutes, the game will be considered defaulted.  If the game does start, the non-offending team will start with the hammer.

ROTATION: A team may declare a new rotation of play only when changing events.  Substitute player(s) must remain at either lead or second.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: All team members must qualify as outlined on the official entry form.  In the event that a player is unable to play because of illness, accident or other extenuating circumstances as is deemed reasonable by the Bonspiel Committee, then another player who meets the eligibility requirements may permanently replace that player.  This substitute must play lead.  THE DECISION OF THE ENTRIES & QUALIFICATION COMMITTEE IS FINAL.

BROOMS: Brooms permitted by the World Curling Federation or Curling Canada shall be used in this Bonspiel.

♦  In case of disputed rock an umpire may be called.
♦  By law, NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be allowed on any curling ice.